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Introducing Kaku, an Exclusive Social Media App for University Students

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

University can be the best time of your life. It's a time to explore your interests and to make new friends while growing as an individual.

But times have changed due to COVID-19. Classes will be online in the fall. In-person Frosh Week will be cancelled, and many incoming students will not live in residence. Instead, they will sit at home, possibly 100s of km away from their university, wishing they could experience the true university lifestyle.

So I created Kaku, an exclusive social media app for university students to bring us closer together. By joining Kaku, you will be placed into group chats related to your degree and the courses you are taking, allowing you to form friendships with fellow students.

Like university, Kaku is a place to be free and to make friends. Some say that social media can feel like a large convoluted reunion, full of distant uncles, middle school acquaintances, and employers. Unlike other social media apps, Kaku is exclusive to university students, letting you take full advantage of your university experience in an academic and social environment.

Join us, and let's keep our community alive!

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